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Monday, 5 May 2014

The Beginning

"Everything happens for a reason." 
One of my most favourite quotes. I know not everyone believes these words, there is so much uncertainty attached to them. My name is Clare, I am 21 years old and I am currently a Design Student. 

I have always been fond of anything arty; photography, design etc. I love working out (definitely not an expert but me and my brother put together a Very simple gym at home), running, walking and being outside. A huge passion of mine since I was very young was traveling and exploring; from running through fields and building tree huts as a kid to visiting different countries on family holidays.  

I have known about blogs for many years now but it was't until my final year of school I came across a few that really caught my eye; these bloggers also had YouTube channels which I loved. I always admired them and how they were able to put themselves out there in such a way that people would stop from their hectic lives and read their blogs; watch their videos and enjoy them, even though they were just talking to a camera in their room, or writing what happened during their day. 

I admired this and considered for many years of starting my own blog; somewhere that I could express myself and voice my opinion as well as share my interests, not considering that anyone would read it but just to have an output. I once mentioned this idea of mine and was met with "Sure what would you write about?" this shouldn't have bothered me as much as it did but our worst critic, is ourselves. 

Why now? I realised that no matter what anyone else says (or that little voice in our head) that we can't do something, Why The Hell Not? I'm only young once! I believe that no matter how many times someone can say this to you (and I've heard my fair share of this sentence) it's not until you believe whole heartedly and truly live by these words that you will step out of your comfort zone, stand on the edge and forever live a life with excitement… 

This has lead me to FINALLY Begin my blog! 

I also have big plans for this year coming, which will mean leaving home…. oohhhh :( So I felt that a blog would be a perfect place to explain what I'm getting up to. Also my mum and dad have tried on many occasions to friend request me on FaceBook
 (Sorry guys) so instead I thought this would be a better way for my family to see and read what I'm doing and join me on my Journey. 

(My Photo) Let the Adventures Begin

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