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Sunday, 29 June 2014

My Right hand Woman

Well it's been one of those Crazy Busy months for me, the last day of June ALREADY; I have never had a month go by so fast, and even managed to squeeze in a sneaky little trip to Dublin for 3days; an 18th birthday present from me to my little cousin. So I'm planning on doing this in a round about way and post a little blog of our adventures in Dublin with some pictures after this one, better late then never ;)

You may consider this blog post to be some what random and a little out of the blue in comparison to my previous posts but it's a topic that is very close to my heart. Tucked up in bed working on my blog and as the minutes tick by into the early hours of Monday morning.

So weekends are something that people look forward to, because most importantly it means having two days off work, then getting to going out and have a few sociables or chilling and spending time with family and friends; for some people a little bit of all of these. Although the weekends for me are my weekdays, starting work on a friday through till a tuesday, now don't get me wrong I appreciate the work but I miss my Sundays so so much, that's the one day of the week that all the family come together. So when you spend the whole day working and finished at half six in the evening you miss out on seeing everyone and most importantly Sunday Dinner!!

So I always try and make an effort and get down to visit my granny since it's the one place that everyone gathers, whether that be cousins, aunties or uncles, and most importantly my granny. She is the one person other than my mum, dad and brother that I can't go more than a couples of days without seeing; If I have an hour to spare before work I'll pop down and visit for a little catch up, let her know if I was out at the weekend, telling her what my plans are for the next couple of days and most importantly, find out what she's been up to. Go for a walk and see how her gardens coming along and sample some of her baking; what can I say, she's my right hand woman, my partner in crime and my Rock! 

I emphasise the word 'Rock'

Everyone has that friend that they can confine in or relation that they can talk to; mine is my Granny Donnelly. No doubt about it I have a Wonderful, Brilliant, Fantastic punch of beautiful friends that I can talk to and tell everything to; but I think for a girl it's important to get that little bit of extra guidance and reassurance, especially someone that can shine their experience and knowledge onto your situation. 

I'm just home from grannies, and although Sundays in Grannies is like a busy restaurant full of a continues buzz the whole day, its almost like the fire alarm goes off and everyone is evacuated from the building not long after I get there, all heading back home for an early night for the beginning of a new week. I enjoy that time nearly the most, kick up my feet and chat over a cup of tea with the woman herself. No doubt about it, no ones life is a simple sail, we all have our ups, downs and even side to sides and the best medication for worry and stress (I think) is talking and goodness knows if anyone knows me in the slightest I love a little natter especially when it is going to make me feel better. As if a load has been lifted off my shoulder.

Tonight was a reminder that these are the little 'Magic Moments' in life that you have to cherish. There doesn't need to be a room full of people, a big lavish party or even lots of money spend to makes magic moments, it's taking the simple little things that you love and share them with someone. (Within the series 'How I Met your Mother' Barney will call a situation 'Legendary' when something really good happens, and in one of the last episodes he explains "that every moment will be legendary if it's shared with friends") Wise Words!

I sat for over an hour and a half chatting with granny tonight, to the point that the room we were in was dark with the sun gone. She basically puts my life's issues into digestible chunks and I leave her house with a skip in my step ready to take on the next load thats thrown at me. 

You may not have known where this post was going in the beginning but I hope you can finally see the point I wanted to emphasise; I appreciate my Granny in many different ways, her opinion, her funny little way of looking at a situation and her ability to recognise when I need a little chat. Makes working on my favourite day of the week more bearable. Cheers xo

(My photo from a Christmas Family Wedding)