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Wednesday, 9 July 2014


(Temple Bar)

Well Dublin, theres a couple of days we won't forget in a hurry! 

The intention of this little adventure was to take my cousin to Dublin for her 18th birthday present, go out, do some shopping and most importantly go to the ZOO...
I organised it back in March and had to keep it a secretly (which wasn't fun) but it made for when I finally told her even more exciting.

Got the bus direct to Dublin and stayed in a lovely hotel in Temple bar, 'Blooms'. Once we checked in, we headed straight out for some well deserved food! On our way to the hotel we spotted the cutest restaurant, it had such a homely vibe with pastel pinks and blues, that suited us both so well. 'The BakeHouse' Along the Liffey, the food was rustic with intense flavours. Plus the staff were so lovely and cheery which made eating there even more enjoyable. 

So good, we ate there both days.

 (Planning for the Zoo)

Every day leading up to our outing at the zoo was perfect, sun shinning and dry; so typically it decided to rain the one day we went. Although that meant we got to buy ponchos, eat ice cream and run around the zoo like little children which was soo much better.

(This little cutie was our favourite)

(Can't go to the zoo without getting a selfie with the goats)

Dublin you were amazing, we'll be back soon xo

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