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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Strandhill Sligo

(Strandhill campsite - from beside our tent) 

As the days creep by and we start to see the last week of July I'm starting to get closer and closer to leaving, I stressed to the girls how we HAVE to make the most of the last few weeks we have together. Not only because I'm leaving but my friends are in the waiting process as they too count down the days till they head away on their own big adventures.

Therefore this was unfortunately the last weekend that I have to spend with my little Keke just before she takes on Europe for 3 weeks to inter-rail; due to bad luck I leave the day before she arrives back. 

We discussed heading off to Donegal, then it became camping and then Sligo was mentioned. My cousin takes 2weeks in the year and sets off in the caravan with his wife and travels the coast of Ireland, so he mentioned coming down to the campsite in Strandhill and pitching our tent, where they happened to be that weekend. It was completely random and a little crazy because as we were leaving the house the clouds opened and the rain came pouring down. So thankfully we got a reassuring text to say that it was lovely and sunny in Sligo and to come on ahead.

I am so glad we made the most of it and headed even though it was completely crazy to consider camping with the rain that was forecasted; we ended up having the best 2 days ever! Got called twins, had a fair go at 2 bottles of wine, ate cheese and bread like the french in our tent as the rain came beating down, went to sleep with the sound of the the ocean waves crashing just a hundred yards away, got adopted by a cute couple, got pee'd on by a dog, became best friends with a local band, bought their album and even got my phone charged by them! 

And that was only the first day! A clear sign of a great weekend.

 (Shells Sea Side Bakery and cafe for Breakfast)

(I love the illustration of their menu, I must have sat and flicked through it for ages, absolutely Beautiful)

Went for much needed breakfast on our second and last day (Sunday). Found the most beautiful, homely and idyllic cafe, completely adorable with so much thought put into the look and style of the place never mind the friendly and kind staff who worked their. From a little girl I can remember wanting to open up my own little coffee shop or cafe with both my grannies, (because obviously they made the best scones and buns) we talked about the style of the room and what way we would serve everything; where I would bake all my favourite sweet bites (no wonder my 21st Birthday Party was a tea party theme).

Unfortunately I didn't bring my big camera and didn't want to shoving my phone in everyones face to take photos of the art and decor; therefore my photos are very limited. The cafe was packed and people were waiting for tables to become free to grab some late sunday morning breakfast; before we had even left I said to Caoileann that I couldn't wait to come back and bring my mum and grannies.

Check them out if you get the chance.

We were happily surprised to see that there was a local market/crafts fair opening up and knew we couldn't miss out on having a little nosy, glad we did. Bought some lovely home made bread to take back home and came across a woman who was selling jewellery that her artistic husband that handmade; within each of the unique pieces was set a marvel of colour, yellows, blues, greens etc made using watercolours, they had a mind of their own creating works of art without an control. I think you know what happened next, I became the proud owner of one. 

(I don't know the woman or her husbands name but 
if I find it out I will link their Facebook here)

We wrapped up our tent between the showers and set sail for home, putting the parents out of their worry. I am so delighted we went ahead with our plan, we got some sun and plenty of rain but more importantly we had the best time ever, I'm going to miss my little funkybutt next year no doubt about it. x

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