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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It's not a leaving party!!!...

I never wanted to have a leaving party, since leaving parties are always considered to be really sad; everyone is really confused as to whether or not to enjoy themselves or try and look sad that the person is leaving... We don't want makeup rubbing off.

I got all my friends together and heading to our favourite bar, to celebrate that I was going away; Nothing too fancy, it's only 9months so it's practically a holiday!! 
Thank you everyone who sent me cards in the post, dropped me a text message wishing me luck and all the lovely presents. It's times like these that you come to terms with how amazing your friends really are (which I already knew) but it's emphasised at these moments. Surprisingly I wasn't as sad as I should have been, normally I am an emotional wreck when it comes to these times, not because I was glad to be leaving my friends and family, but because I had planned for months and was so excited to take this journey by myself.

When it came to leaving the house for the airport on the sunday, the excitement went to a whole new level, it was a mixture of nerves, whether or not I had all my documents with me and 'Move out of my way, I'm going to america'. Thanks to my brother, he organised that I took part in a little tradition; he wrote my name and where I was going on a rock (one that we found at the beach) and when I was leaving the house I jumped out of the car and placed it at the top of the driveway to remind everyone where I was; I felt that it was very sweet and thoughtful. 

The reason for the rock is that back when people were leaving Ireland, to immigrate away they used to leave a rock on top of Carn Togher, which was their last sight of home (South Derry) before they made there way to the boat in Derry. If or when they returned they would pick up a stone on there way back home. As the stones piled up they created a small Carn (pile of rocks) this was named the immigrants Carn.

It wasn't until I was sitting in my chair on the aeroplane about to take off for my flight to New York that it suddenly hit me, I was heading to america for 9 months by MYSELF!!!..... Obviously the person beside me didn't have much luck having a conversation with me, I cuddled up in my fluffy jacket, blanket and pillow and watched the Disney movie Frozen, which helped to ease the pain. Thank Goodness for Disney.

"See you on the flip side"

(Spread your wings and enjoy the adventure)

Finally touch down in NEW YORK CITY!! And was warmly greeted by my cousin at the airport; staggering my journey to stay with family, helped so much, all their lovely familiar faces.

Next stop, My MANHATTAN adventure. 

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