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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

'Fall' in love with Durango

In the past, my thoughts on fall/Autumn was always, so whens Winter here? I never liked it, as soon as October arrived we swapped the sun for wet and windy. I always remember battling with an umbrella on the way to school, my hair flying everywhere and when school was finally over, it was already getting dark on the journey home.

I swapped my dislike of fall as soon as I got to experience the true fall that Colorado has to offer. The sun shines, its dry (most of the time) and the colours of the trees are absolutely incredible, no wonder they call it 'Colourful Colorado' this place is beautiful and one way to make the most of it, is go on a hike.

So every american will be completely shocked at this but, I have never made or ate pumpkin pie... Yes I said it! And when I finally got to make it from scratch and eat it, I wondered to myself why was I deprived of this delicious desert for so long. Now that I mention it I would love a slice of pumpkin pie...

I think fall is my new favourite time of year!

Raiders Ridge Trail

Down Town Durango Railway

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