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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Two Months Later

I genuinely can't believe it's already November, two months have never gone by so quickly, from New york to Denver and finally settling in Durango. 
It's always a little scary starting something new, going somewhere different and obviously meeting new people; then add in the fact that you are doing it completely by yourself thats when it all gets that little more difficult. 

I was told before I left home that it was going to be natural to feel home sick, to have your off days and then there will be those days that you want to drive straight to the closest airport and buy the first ticket back home... I arrived in Durango without any of these feelings, obviously because I was in the honeymoon stage and was exploring my new surroundings, meeting new people and enjoying this new adventure. As the weeks went by, I noticed a pattern that seemed to be occurring; not one evening was I sitting in my room by myself, my weekends were packing with fun and exciting things; visiting new places and an abundance of socialising. 

I got to Skype home and see some familiar faces which helped make the transition just that little smoother. I found as the weeks went by that these feelings that everyone was warning me of, didn't seem to be appearing and they certainly weren't in the near future.

I count myself lucky that I choose a place to study like Fort Lewis college, I can only thank the endless amount of friends I have made both International and America; to be so far away from home yet have that feeling that I never left.

Just the beginning xo

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