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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Family time, is the best time

Reunited and it feels so good!

Think dad's happy to be in town

So after an unexpected flight to a destination unplanned, a cancelled flight, two day lay over, a miscalculation of fuel, I could gladly say that the parents were finally standing in person in front of me. It was almost surreal, Skype helped to ease the shock, of the length of time since 'seeing seeing' them, but none the less it was four months since I got a physical hug from this lovely pair.

Finally in town and where better to bring them for brunch than the Irish Embassy, without a doubt one of my favourite pub's in Durango. With it being Sunday they had Live traditional music playing; well sure it was like being back at home.

Everyone out in sympathy for my broken foot, or they were teasing me.

"Fish and Chip made it to the Grand Canyon"

I am fortunate enough to be able to say, that I have been to the grand canyon but to be able to say that I've been twice and got the incredible opportunity to experience it in the snow, well that is defiantly something that you don't get to see everyday.

The only disadvantage was obviously that I had my broken ass foot and had to crutch around, but that wasn't stopping me taking the ridiculously dangerous steps down to the edge, although we got some classy pictures for all the hard work.

It's a gift to get to all these places and experience them, though when you get to share them with your nearest and dearest friends and family, well hey it makes the moment just that little extra special. To see the look on my mum's face was just priceless, somewhere she had aways wanted to go, I only wish we could stay longer, no doubt we'll be back. 

My biggest fear for breaking my foot over the Christmas Holidays was not only the fact that mum and dad may possible go crazy that it happened, but I wouldn't get the chance to ski with everyone even though that was one of the reasons they were coming to visit. 

Fortunately, I managed to convince mum to let me go skiing, even though I had gone just two days after the fateful incident, but none the less mum was the decider, and after some persuading I got her convinced to allow me one day.

And what a day it was, that was it; I was a happy bunny! And was lucky enough to bump into some friends and finally got them introduced to mum and dad which was perfect.

I can honestly say that I have never experienced a Christmas break quite as exciting, eventful, random, crazy, enjoyable, painful and some what unplanned. Although somethings didn't work out as intended I had a wonderful break, I rolled with the punches and had an incredible Christmas despite what happened and I regret nothing. 

It taught me a great lesson that no matter what you plan or how precise you have everything, there will always be those unplanned incidents. 

Friday, 16 January 2015

What happens in Durango, Stays in Durango.


So Picture it; my exams and coursework were finished, no studying or homework to be done over Christmas, the big Brother had just landed in town, the Christmas Holidays were just beginning and all my friends were coming over to my apartment before we headed out.

We filled the cars and headed down town, excited in the moment of everything good happening, I felt that a Leprechaun kick was extremely appropriate at this moment in time. 
So without revealing the names/name of the people/person who I was teaching the Leprechaun kick to, they unfortunately landed on my foot which resulted in excruciating pain and the end to my night. As sad as it was to leave everyone down town I could see the sign of relief on Shane's face when he found out we were going home; lets be honest, he was awake over 28hours, bed was a good idea.


Even though I spent the day limping around the apartment, I knew I couldn't miss out on my last chance to ski with everyone before they left Durango for good. We spent our last saturday together skiing, thinking back I am so glad I decided to join everyone, it's something I wouldn't change at all, one of the best days skiing.


After having everyone stay in my apartment for an unforgettable weekend, it was that time to start saying our goodbyes to all our friends who were finishing their time at the Fort. I don't think I've cried so much, it was one of the most enjoyable yet toughest couple of days; I feel like a broken record when I say this, though I have had a truly incredible first semester at Fort Lewis, I met soo many new friends, international and American, visited many spectacular places in west america, laughed so hard that it turned into tears most of the time, creating magic moments and learnt a whole lot about myself.

I will defiantly miss my friends who have left Durango but I know that I have to count my lucky stars that I get the opportunity to stay on and finish my year here. It won't quite be the same but I want to enjoy this next semester for what it is and what it has to offer. Here's to the next learning experience.


So after a lot of convincing and limping I decided to listen to everyone and go to the hospital and get my foot checked over just incase it happened to be worse than what I thought it was...

Although a visit to the hospital is not something that people find an enjoyable experience I can admit right now that it was one of the funniest moments to happen to me, with the moral support of the big bro (which wasn't that much, well he did manage to keep everyone at home updated on my unfortunate circumstances via snapchat).

Well that was the end of the skiing for the Christmas Holidays for me said the Doctor, 'You've broke your foot'. (Well thats what he thought)

 I could not for the life of me stop laughing, even when the Doctor had entered the room, all I could imagine was people asking me what happened to your foot and my only answer was 'I broke it, teaching my friend the Leprechaun kick'.....

Merry Christmas Mum and Dad... I Broke my foot!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

First Semester Art Work

I was never a person that liked to show my art work to anyone, and even when it was finished; It's one thing that I now look back at and realise, was extremely childish and a little silly especially since I was in the field of art and design; to get a job I will eventually have to show my work.

I get the feeling that even though it is only the end of the first semester, I have benefited from the american college system. Critiques and presentations have been extremely helpful so far; I always knew that americans were extremely positive and confident, so when it came to receiving feedback from members in my class, they gave me the confidence to appreciate my own work; to the point that I entered one of my designs to raise funds for our AIGA club.

You appreciate your work so much more when you actually like working on it, or you have managed to include an aspect of something you like outside of the classroom. Luckily one of my classes last semester was 'Photography' which was a class I especially looked forward to. We were given the task to create a book (hand made book) to hold the image that we captured to create a 'day in our lives'.

I based my day on Halloween day; including a beautiful fall walk down town, baking cookies with friends and some evening socialising to wrap things all up.

I wanted the book to not only capture my day, but also the aspect that my day is very different here in Colorado than what it would be at home; not a day goes by that I don't think of home or appreciate where I am. Therefore I hand made each page to represent where I am and where I have come from, whether it was a piece of material from my halloween costume, a map of America or the pages from a novel 'Leaving Home'. The book was bound using the technique Japanese sticking and placed inside a case that was decorated with leaves that I found that day.

I enjoyed having a class solely based on Graphic Design, I had studied many aspects of graphics and the techniques and software that you would use but never taken a class in it.
This class definitely challenged me but my favourite project was the final project where I had to make make two posters and an album case for a band or artist of my choice.

The Paper Kites 'States'

End to a Great year

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Las Vegas & Hoover Dam


The shear excitement within the car as we got closer to Vegas was so intense; Las Vegas was always somewhere that I would have liked to visit but I never considered that I would get the chance to go so soon.

A visit to Vegas isn't official until you hit the town. I think we managed to achieve that.


And thats it folks, the last stop before an excruciatingly long drive home, except I was the lucky one that got to sleep seven out of the ten hour journey. 

Thats a thanksgiving break that I wouldn't and couldn't forget in a hurry; When I think back to before I left home and I had all these ideas of travelling to different destinations in the states I just never knew that I would actually get the opportunity to achieve it. 

It obviously took me a lot longer to get around to posting my road trip but hopefully I can achieve my New Year resolution of staying up to date with my blog posts. Fingers Crossed.

Friday, 2 January 2015



What a way to start my first Thanksgiving in the states, a walk and dip in the sea at Malibu Beach. A little relaxation and chill time before we entire the crazy Thanksgiving LA traffic, but I definitely wasn't going to complain after the morning we had on the beach.

Next stop was the town of San Clemente, we were planning to stay with a friend from college to join him and his family to celebrate thanksgiving the true american style.

 Malibu Beach

San Clemente

I can only hope that if I get the chance to invite friends into my home to celebrate an occasion as important as Thanksgiving that I would be as welcoming as Ryan and his family were. They welcomed ten international students into their home for two days and what a celebration we had along with a view from their back garden so incredible that you had to be there to appreciate it for all its worth.
We lay out on the grass talking and watching the sunset as we drank beers from each of our countries. One of my favourite moments of the entire trip.

No Filter Needed



We set out on our day long journey to LA and left behind the icy temperatures of Arizona. What an amazing experience those first couple of days of our Road Trip were, we really got to experience all the elements. Next stop, 'shorts' whether in LA.


Up bright and early for a full day of fun at Universal Studios. The big kid in me came out when we set foot within the studios; I dare you to act your age when you go, its practically impossible. My favourite ride had to be the 'Minion Mayhem' ride in the Despicable me house, so much so, that I nearly went back a second time. We managed to get everything done! The Famous Hollywood Tour around the sets, the 'Mummy Return' and 'Transformer' ride along with the 'Jurassic' roller coaster. 


Exploring what LA has to offer: Being typical tourist.
It was so surreal getting the chance to drive around the streets of Hollywood and see all the places that I know so well from movies. Going to the Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive, and Santa Monica Peer. On the peer we found a Bubba Gump Shrimp themed restaurant, it was so unique and had perfect views of the sea to watch the beautiful California sunset.

We definitely made the most of what LA had to offer and we still had Thanksgiving to enjoy, I know for sure that I will be back to visit Santa Monica Peer and tick another box on my bucket list; I still have to roller blade along the sea front.

 Walk of Fame

Rodeo drive

Santa Monica Peer at Sunset