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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

First Semester Art Work

I was never a person that liked to show my art work to anyone, and even when it was finished; It's one thing that I now look back at and realise, was extremely childish and a little silly especially since I was in the field of art and design; to get a job I will eventually have to show my work.

I get the feeling that even though it is only the end of the first semester, I have benefited from the american college system. Critiques and presentations have been extremely helpful so far; I always knew that americans were extremely positive and confident, so when it came to receiving feedback from members in my class, they gave me the confidence to appreciate my own work; to the point that I entered one of my designs to raise funds for our AIGA club.

You appreciate your work so much more when you actually like working on it, or you have managed to include an aspect of something you like outside of the classroom. Luckily one of my classes last semester was 'Photography' which was a class I especially looked forward to. We were given the task to create a book (hand made book) to hold the image that we captured to create a 'day in our lives'.

I based my day on Halloween day; including a beautiful fall walk down town, baking cookies with friends and some evening socialising to wrap things all up.

I wanted the book to not only capture my day, but also the aspect that my day is very different here in Colorado than what it would be at home; not a day goes by that I don't think of home or appreciate where I am. Therefore I hand made each page to represent where I am and where I have come from, whether it was a piece of material from my halloween costume, a map of America or the pages from a novel 'Leaving Home'. The book was bound using the technique Japanese sticking and placed inside a case that was decorated with leaves that I found that day.

I enjoyed having a class solely based on Graphic Design, I had studied many aspects of graphics and the techniques and software that you would use but never taken a class in it.
This class definitely challenged me but my favourite project was the final project where I had to make make two posters and an album case for a band or artist of my choice.

The Paper Kites 'States'

End to a Great year

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