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Friday, 2 January 2015



What a way to start my first Thanksgiving in the states, a walk and dip in the sea at Malibu Beach. A little relaxation and chill time before we entire the crazy Thanksgiving LA traffic, but I definitely wasn't going to complain after the morning we had on the beach.

Next stop was the town of San Clemente, we were planning to stay with a friend from college to join him and his family to celebrate thanksgiving the true american style.

 Malibu Beach

San Clemente

I can only hope that if I get the chance to invite friends into my home to celebrate an occasion as important as Thanksgiving that I would be as welcoming as Ryan and his family were. They welcomed ten international students into their home for two days and what a celebration we had along with a view from their back garden so incredible that you had to be there to appreciate it for all its worth.
We lay out on the grass talking and watching the sunset as we drank beers from each of our countries. One of my favourite moments of the entire trip.

No Filter Needed

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