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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Magazine cover

Do you know that feeling when you work hard on something and after all the effort, it actually pays off; it makes all the time spent on it worth while. Especially when you get a grade that your super pleased with; yes its a fantastic feeling.

This piece of work, is by far one of, if not my most favourite piece to work on, not just because I love designing magazine layouts and cover pages but as you can tell it was pretty important when I have my brothers big grinning face plonked on the front. 

I'm waiting for the day that I actually see his face beaming from the front cover of a trail running magazine, I'm as excited as he is; hopefully at the same time I'll be working my dream job, for an outdoor adventure magazine/company, getting the chance to design for them with a little photography added in for good measure. 

Shane Donnelly

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