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Sunday, 23 August 2015



The day has finally arrived. Quite some time talking about it, a few months of planning, a couple of weeks of anticipation and it's finally all coming together. Emma and Ander are here. The feeling of a long prepared planning working out is extremely satisfying.

It began back in December over Christmas, both Ander and I decided not to go home for the holidays (instead my family were travelling out to visit) whilst I was resting my broken foot we started thinking about what would happen when it was time to go back home, would we like to meet up and would it really happen. Without another thought the preparations began; first choosing the month of August (best chance of good weather) and secondly the all-Ireland Feadh is a sight not to be missed. From then on it was set.

Safely arrived and ready to see what the beautiful emerald Isle has to offer.

Hiking An Carn

Whats a more typical thing to do on your first visit to Ireland, than go for a walk up a mountain; through fields full of sheep, jumping over rock walls and gates.
They managed to get a really taste of what Ireland is all about, all in one day.

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