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Thursday, 27 August 2015

The rocky road to Dublin


What better way to see what this beautiful country has to offer than pack up the car and go on a ROAD-TRIP. First stop Dublin (obviously). Within a couple of hours of being in the city we landed ourselves in the Guinness storehouse (they call it a factory, personally it wasn't a factory it was just an old store house and you got to pour your own pint) non the less it was a good experience and nice view from the bar on the top floor.

 Wonder how many miles these shoes have done...?

The weather was absolutely perfect in Dublin, no sign of rain and what better way to see any city than on foot. Aidan and Shane joined us on our week long road trip, a combination of all three of us (mostly Aidan) we managed a pretty decent tour.


I had never been on the tour at Croke park before and it was something that I have wanted to do for some time now, since the sun was still shinning, we headed for Croke park GAA stadium. The entire visit was brilliant, I would highly recommend the tour to everyone, wonderful history of the sport and the history of both the country and the city; plus our tour guide Cian was absolutely fantastic both entertaining and knowledgeable for young children, students and adults who were all in our tour.

Hill 16

Cusack stand and Davin Stand

Next stop Co.Kerry

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