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Friday, 4 September 2015

Dingle Co.Kerry


My first time in Dingle, I was in Kerry camping as a kid on family holidays but never to Dingle. So many people recommended checking it out and seeing if for myself and delighted I was. Fungi the famous dolphin showed his face in the bay as the sun started to set on the rolling mountains, pictures can't even capture the real beautiful that we saw that day. Once the sun was gone we headed for the pubs. 

'5x hot whiskeys please'

Even though we all had managed to come down with a cold, sore throat or headache we doctored ourselves that night with the treatment of a well known remedy.

 Back to our hostel where we were staying but not without a show of shooting stairs to top a breath-taking day (highly recommend the rainbow hostel to any budding traveller).

Road tripping across america and all these far of countries is fun, but by goodness does Ireland have beauty like no other. Love my home.

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