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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Why Tokyo is the next place you have to visit.

Everything that I imagined and all those preconceived ideas of what Tokyo would be like, were nothing to what it was. The culture, the people, the language, the food and the public transport; first of all even winning the competition, that idea is still trying to settle in my mind as I sit at my kitchen table, back at home recovering from jet lag. 

For some people the food might not be 'there cup of tea' fortunately for me I loved the Japanese food; everything from the flavours to using chop sticks. These are simple aspects that Japanese people take for granted and consider normal but I appreciated getting the opportunity to enjoy such a unique and beautiful culture. Whilst I was away I asked myself the question; What were the pros and cons of visiting Tokyo? I had thought about this many times when I was away.

Pros always first:

The people are kinder than you could ever imagine; people are so welling to help you, at the train station when I was standing in a sea of commuters looking the definition of lost I had this sweet little couple ask me where I was looking to go. Another situation myself and friends were looking for a particular restaurant and asked a waiter if his restaurant had sushi, he left his post and walked us to another neighbouring restaurant because he felt it was more the type of thing we were looking for, he was willing to give away business simply to please us and with a smile on his face; we decided to return to his restaurant because we liked his attitude. I was shocked at how kind and cool he was. 

Their food was first class; I tried everything (obviously no meat, veggie here) and they had plenty of pescatarian options, their fish was so fresh, awh even the though of it makes me want to hop on a plane and go back. I tried raw fish for the first time, it was something I never considered until I went and knew if anywhere in the world it had to be Japan, it's their speciality.

Their public transport; well I'm not an expert and who knows if I lived their it might really annoy me (especially with the amount of people) but for being a tourist their trains were amazing. Maybe it's because I don't have public transport as available to me at home but I just love the idea of jumping on the train to zoom to the other side of the city, it gave me that extra independence. 

The list could go on and on; Japanese sake, being aloud to drink on the train, their newest technology and my favourite, heated toilet seats! It's all about the comforts.


Everyone is on their phones! Everyone. There was a row of 10 seats in front of me on the train, 9 taken and all 9 people using their phones it was crazy. I love to talk to people and I couldn't imagine travelling to work every day and being completely surrounded by so many and not striking up a conversation with a stranger on the train. Although I managed to have one conversation with a sweet old man, he spoke a little english and bless him he tried his hardest, he knew that Ireland had great Guinness and I complemented Japan on their delicious sake, it was a bounding like no other. 

Thats about it. I should really say Tokyo's con rather than plural, A clear sign that everything about my trip was so incredible. I loved that not only did I get to explore a brand new city, figure out the public transport and manoeuvre my way around using a map rather than train apps, try new food, learn new phrases to get me by, visit Mount Fuji (which one day I will return to climb) try Purikura and watch the mayhem that is Shibuya but I got to meet up with two wonderful friends that I studied abroad with, Emma and Kie and Emma's sweet friend Sara who I met when she came to visit back in Durango. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Kie begin from Japan I would clearly have reconsidered going to Tokyo alone. Knowing that I had my little Japanese princess waiting for me at the airport was a weight off my shoulder.

Therefore I finish on this note; it really doesn't matter how far you travel, how many countries that you explore, how long you are away from home, as long as you have incredible people to share all those memories with. Tick. 

A final note to Connect House, who were an absolute pleasure to stay with, they were so accommodating and the winning apartment that I got to stay in was first class, it was better than home. Follow them on FaceBook and who knows they might be having a competition soon that takes you half way around the world.