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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Creating my own magazine


Working hard these past few weeks on my final year project and I feel as if the work load isn't getting any smaller but time is still ticking by. I am creating an 'Outdoor Lifestyle and Creative Culture magazine' designed to inspire people to disconnect from their anti-social ways and reconnect with nature. I took a look at our crazy world and realised that we have become such an anti-social society always on our phones and laptops, that we forget to appreciate living in the moment and actually enjoyed our friends and family's company. Therefore I have decided to work with people within my community that are constantly connected with our beautiful environment, either through their jobs or hobbies. I personally love popping on a pair of trains and going for a run or walk and even taking myself up some of the local mountains, these moment allow me to destress, reconnect with myself and recharge my batteries, therefore I can go back to college or work and feel energised. 

It is wonderful to be busy and have a purpose, always working and staying active but it is just as important to allow yourself the time to simply stop, be present and appreciate the life that you have. I wanted to capture this emotion and message through my photography; that is why I have chosen to create a magazine, to showcase my photography along with all the interests and hobbies that I have outside of class; by doing this, it has allowed me to keep focused this whole semester on my project.

Thanks to my wonderful brother for helping out today and being my model. He is crazy about running, everything from road to trail and his favourite mountain. Check out his blog and follow his adventures; he will be featuring in my up and coming magazine, very excited to see how it turns out.