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The last post was almost 3 months ago, that, I am ashamed of and I will save you the excuses, as busy and crazy as final year is I am really...

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Draperstown hot-air-balloon festival 2016

04.06.16 - 11.06.16

The Sperrin Balloon Festival has been an absolute roaring success this year, with 7 balloons at the festival, it has been the best weather we have had for years/ever. Flying alone is incredible but flying over your own neck of the woods is just the cherry on top. If your in the basket or on the ground crew it doesn't matter, a crew is a crew and everyone counts, to all teams out this week and to the 'berry picker crew' what a week.

End of year show


 Fantastic evening at the end of year show, a night filled with giggles and laughs to celebrate a year of hard work and tears; all the long days and late nights paid off in the end. A special thanks to my Mum, Dad, Shane and Granny D for all their support throughout the year, it has been nothing but top class. This was their night as much as it was mine.

My final show board

Friday, 3 June 2016


The finished piece is finally here. 

The unveiling of 'Sustenance' an 'Outdoor Lifestyle' and 'Creative Culture' magazine designed to inspire people to disconnect from their anti-social ways. A celebrations of everything that the Sperrin mountains have to offer.