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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Magazine article project


Where to next?

Article text:

"Traveling is no longer a word solely used for exploring the world, instead it is now a stage of life. It’s a journey to explore who we are as a person, although as deep and profound as that sounds it has an element of truth, we spend so much time in education being told what is correct, what is considered wrong and what we should do; that we end up being an assortment of narrow minded students all doing the same as each other. Do we make decisions based on our friends or as long as our future boss would prefer we did? Do I really want that? And am I choosing this to make myself happy or to make someone proud? Are we taking the time to consider what we even want from life anymore or are we all just getting caught up in the rat race; life? Traveling can take you out of your comfort zone, it puts you in an environment that requires you to behave off of your own opinion. I have always heard the phrase ‘going to find myself’ I never knew the real meaning and decided on my own interpretation; “distancing yourself from what you know is common, your friends, family, job and college, these are all distractions and factors that can cloud your opinion, once you have none of these factors to rely on or distract you; you then revert back to your own instinct.” All these components can blur our judgement and we end up just being another sheep in the crowd that just follows the herd, that is life."

In my recent digital media class, we were asked to choose from three magazine options 'Good' 'Spin' and 'Architectural Digest' then we were asked to choose a relevant topic (person, event, place, thing, idea, issue, cause) for the subject matter and design a two page spread that would grab the attention of the reader and make them want to read on. 

I seen this as my golden opportunity to work on something I really enjoyed, something that I was completely passionate about and would gladly spend all my time working on it. Traveling! 

I love to express myself through my writing and even though I post my work on my blog I almost feel as if I have it hidden from the real world, like my college friends and people that I spend a lot of my daily life with. This was my chance to show two of the things that I am truly passionate about, writing and traveling.

If I got the opportunity some day to write and design for an outdoor, adventure or travel magazine, lets just say that I would be one happy girl. (Fingers crossed)

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