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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Living the Dream

Have you ever got to experience that feeling, of having one of your biggest dreams come true? Not everyone gets to; but thankfully I can say I got to have a taste of my biggest dream that I have had for many years.

I have had a love for big cities ever since I was little; the hussle and bussle of these beautiful cities, with so much to explore and see, it has endless possibilities. So when I got the chance to take on Manhattan for the day all by myself, the excitement was overwhelming and the opportunity had to be grasped with both hands.

I took the express bus to 34th and 6th and was free. I was meeting my cousin later that evening with her friend for a beautiful sail boat ride around lower Manhattan (this was going to be an incredible day). 3.2miles to cover, so I had an 2 options; go shopping and do the typical things that you do when you visit a place like Manhattan, then get a taxi to Battery park or walk the whole way and take in the sites and sounds of the city, I think we all how what I choose! 


The temperature was in around 92Fahrenheit it was a busy Wednesday, around 3 O'Clock and I was walking through Soho, sun doing a fantastic job of keeping me perfectly warm, sunglasses on, frozen yogurt in one hand and camera in my other. This right here was the moment...... that I realised I was finally getting to sample the big city life. I was getting 3hours to take in everything that I dreamed of, watching all the beautifully dressed business men and woman stroll by, friends meeting in the street, having lunch in the sun and there was me, an over excited red head plucked straight from the country with the biggest grin on my face!! EEeeeekkkkKK!

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