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Sunday, 6 September 2015

"Come on AYLIN"


The feeling of pure love and appreciation.
We can create these perfect moments in time to celebrate with friends and loved ones but when you are on the receiving end, it is completely out of your control what your reaction will be. Confusion? Amazement? Mine was utter shock.

The moment I walked into the living room I will never forget the first thing I seen but a glimpse of these perfectly kept tiffany blue Nikes. I knew only one person that owned a pair (since I was with her when she bought them) and kept them so well; but it was coming to terms with how they managed to end up in my cousins holiday home in Donegal. My mind couldn't keep up to speed with what my eyes were seeing. Aylin.

How could I comprehend this, I was given the gift of two wonderful friends who to my excitement and adventurous as they were, accepted my offer to visit; how did I manage to deserve the gift of one traveling all the way from Germany on top of everything else? A surprise is an appreciation of a person, you keep a secret not to lie but to treat them and when I found out that absolutely everyone around me knew; I couldn't control the tears. Later I was told to no surprise of mine, the task that everyone had of keeping me in the right place and not to ruin the surprise for myself was a challenge; an understatement.

What I want to say and what I am saying are two different things, something that words can't describe; the stock, excitement and love that I felt that day, even now looking back at it. I will relish what my family and friends done to make the surprise that day possible. 
Especially Aylin. My little princess Elsa.

Frozen Sister

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