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Friday, 2 January 2015



We set out on our day long journey to LA and left behind the icy temperatures of Arizona. What an amazing experience those first couple of days of our Road Trip were, we really got to experience all the elements. Next stop, 'shorts' whether in LA.


Up bright and early for a full day of fun at Universal Studios. The big kid in me came out when we set foot within the studios; I dare you to act your age when you go, its practically impossible. My favourite ride had to be the 'Minion Mayhem' ride in the Despicable me house, so much so, that I nearly went back a second time. We managed to get everything done! The Famous Hollywood Tour around the sets, the 'Mummy Return' and 'Transformer' ride along with the 'Jurassic' roller coaster. 


Exploring what LA has to offer: Being typical tourist.
It was so surreal getting the chance to drive around the streets of Hollywood and see all the places that I know so well from movies. Going to the Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive, and Santa Monica Peer. On the peer we found a Bubba Gump Shrimp themed restaurant, it was so unique and had perfect views of the sea to watch the beautiful California sunset.

We definitely made the most of what LA had to offer and we still had Thanksgiving to enjoy, I know for sure that I will be back to visit Santa Monica Peer and tick another box on my bucket list; I still have to roller blade along the sea front.

 Walk of Fame

Rodeo drive

Santa Monica Peer at Sunset

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