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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Las Vegas & Hoover Dam


The shear excitement within the car as we got closer to Vegas was so intense; Las Vegas was always somewhere that I would have liked to visit but I never considered that I would get the chance to go so soon.

A visit to Vegas isn't official until you hit the town. I think we managed to achieve that.


And thats it folks, the last stop before an excruciatingly long drive home, except I was the lucky one that got to sleep seven out of the ten hour journey. 

Thats a thanksgiving break that I wouldn't and couldn't forget in a hurry; When I think back to before I left home and I had all these ideas of travelling to different destinations in the states I just never knew that I would actually get the opportunity to achieve it. 

It obviously took me a lot longer to get around to posting my road trip but hopefully I can achieve my New Year resolution of staying up to date with my blog posts. Fingers Crossed.

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